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Dish of the week

Dish of the week, Young Chicken with Bois Boudran sauce

Rob Broadfield, prominent Perth Food Reviewer for The West Australian recently nominated dish of the week to The Studio Bistro’s Young Chicken with Bois Boudran sauce. See Rob Broadfield’s review

Studio Bistro dish of the weekBroadfield described the Young Chicken as “The clear, viscous sauce which dressed the chook was vinegar based and smashingly good. Conclusion? Studio Bistro is as good, if not better, than ever.”

The response to Rob Broadfield’s review has escalated the Young Chicken to the biggest selling dish for the week and has stayed the biggest for the past 3 weeks. Easter has brought a new crowd of customers keen to try the dish nominated as the Dish of the week.

The exact origin of Bois Boudran sauce is a mystery although it is widely felt to be associated with French-born restauranters the Roux brothers while working in Britain.

The principle ingredients of Bois Boudran are groundnut oil and vinegar

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