Beef Rib and 2008 Cabernet

Jane Doe

Jane Doe

Beef Rib and 2008 Cabernet
This deal is for 2 people. (effectively $42.50 each)
For 5 days only, until 5th August 2019, we are offering a very, very limited deal on our famous Beef Ribs and Pairing this with a very special museum wine, 2008 Cape Naturalist Torpedo Rocks Reserve Cabernet.
The Ribs: Sourced from Warren Pencini’s Blackwood Valley Beef in the pristine countryside of our South West. Warren’s cattle are hand selected, raised and finished in a grass-fed, low stress natural herd environment on farm, free of any artificial growth hormones and anti-biotics.
This guarantees and enhances the eating quality of our beef.Head Chef Thales gives the ribs and finishing touch before braising for 11 hours and then into one of our smokers for 2 1/2 hours on Applewood to give it that subtle smoky flavour. 20 minutes before it lands on your table it goes into the oven with a Cocoa nib rub and Guava BBQ glaze to give it a magical flavour on the outside as well. Your Ribs, about 800g are delivered to your table in a heated cast iron pan garnished with new season organic vegetables from local Burnside Organics and a delicious Red Wine Jus.
The Cabernet: This wine is an absolute treat and will spoil you with it soft flavours and yet a cabernet that comes through with a full bodied mouth feel driven by rich black fruits, hints of vanilla and chocolate bean. Middle of the forrest grown oak makes the tannins and wine well balanced with an elegant finish. Normally sells for $130, But, but, but, this is the last remaining stock of this unique wine at cellar door they were selling 2013 and it has just sold out.
Your Deal: 800g of Slow cooked smoked beef rib, roasted vegetables and red wine jus paired with a bottle of 2008 Reserve cabernet for $85.00
5 DAYS ONLY. until 5th August 2019. OR UNTIL BOOKED OUT
Conditions: ONLY available by booking online or by phone, this deal is not available if not booked as we only have limited stocks. When you book your wine is then reserved for you.
Bookings: phone 08 9756 6164

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