Employee of the Month

Jane Doe

Jane Doe

Reward your employees this year.

The Studio Bistro is proud to announce “Employee of the month for your business” We will provide you with one $50 voucher every month for 6 consecutive months so you can reward your employee of the month. We supply the voucher, you choose the winner each month. Here are some ideas for picking your “Employee of the Month”

  • exemplifies your core values
  • Goes the extra mile
  • Makes others great, team first etc
  • Innovation
  • Achievement
  • Customer service
  • Problem solver
  • Spotlight someone, for no particular reason
  • Creates office cheer
  • Introduces a fresh skill

Recognising hard work and achievement in the workplace helps boost morale and engage and motivate members of your staff. With improved morale and high levels of motivation, productivity and employee retention rates can also be raised, ultimately improving a business’s bottom line. In fact, research shows the primary reason workers leave their jobs is because they don’t feel appreciated.

Employee of the Month programs are a common way to recognise diligence and hard work in the workplace. If you’re a business owner looking to establish an employee recognition program, take a look at the following steps to setting up Employee of the Month efficiently and effectively. Making a big deal of the incentive program by announcing which employee has won the award each month will help generate interest around the honour and ultimately make it more effective. Raising the profile of the award will help make it more effective. After all, an Employee of the Month award program is designed to recognise and publicise the achievements of diligent and hardworking staff members, so such programs and their winners should ideally be heavily promoted. The Studio Bistro is selecting 100 local businesses and will donate 6 x $50 vouchers per business to dine at Studio Bistro for your employee of the month. Apply to be part of a local Employee of the Month program by simply completing the follow application. Successful business will be notified by 30/3/2019

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